White 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV driving on dirt road

What is the Mitsubishi VIP Program?

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to get a discount on your next Mitsubishi vehicle? With the Mitsubishi VIP Program, it’s possible! Hayward Mitsubishi is among the network of dealerships that participate in the VIP Program. Find out more about how you could be eligible, and take a look at our selection of new Mitsubishi vehicles to get a head start.

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Who is included in the Mitsubishi VIP Program?

The VIP Program includes a list of Mitsubishi group companies and vendors that can get employee pricing or dealer incentives on their next new vehicle. With hundreds of group companies and vendors on the list, it’s impossible to list them all. However, employees from companies like Mutual of Omaha, the State of California, the Sherwin Williams Company are able to participate in the program. If you’re on the VIP list, you and immediate family members can participate for exclusive savings.

It’s not just new vehicles, either. You may be eligible for savings on maintenance, accessories, and more services here at Hayward Mitsubishi. Not sure if your company participates? Contact us here to find out more!

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Which Mitsubishi vehicles are eligible for VIP pricing?

If you’re a member of the VIP program, you can use your incentives on nearly any new Mitsubishi vehicle available at Hayward Mitsubishi, including the new Outlander PHEV! With new models arriving every week, you have your choice of several vehicles from the Mirage G4 to the Eclipse Cross and many more. If you’re not sure which vehicle might be right for you, we’d love to help! Come visit us today in Hayward, CA for personalized service from our friendly team of of sales experts. We can go over specs and features, set up a test drive, and even get you started on our in-house financing for the complete experience. With our simple pricing on top of the VIP discount, you’ll walk away knowing you got the best deal. You can also get started right away with other perks like Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance, a five-year all-inclusive maintenance and assistance program. Never worry about regular maintenance or roadside emergencies with 24/7 help.

Want to know more? Reach out to Hayward Mitsubishi today!